Love and the subconscious

Love and the subconsciousLove is an intense, emotional experience that love “blindly” projects onto the object of their feelings. Love — this is an illusion, because love does not love a real person, but his image in my mind. Love is a projection of one of the “mechanisms” of consciousness on the external world. What is this mechanism? A recent article about the exposure. I briefly touched on this topic. Here I’ll try to describe the essence of what constitutes love in detail. Continue reading

It is interesting for You

It is interesting for YouLove or love?

Is it possible to distinguish between love and infatuation and interest from the likes?

One can often encounter the view that love comes only to the Mature people with considerable life experience and is able with the height of the past at least 20 years to open the heart to true love. Often people believe that all the feelings available to those under 18 years – no real passion, love, sympathy, but not love.

The relevance of this point of view questionable, because true love does not require a passport, she doesn’t care how old the man what his assessment in mathematics, how many books he read and what movies I watched. Love just comes, but how can you differentiate it from the substitute, how to identify the real sense and not to confuse it with a passing fad? Continue reading

A girl and a woman

A girl and a womanIn previous posts I already told something about the women’s crisis.

In brief, the crisis can be described as follows: the upper classes can not, the lower classes do not want. Sometimes, though, conversely, the lower classes and upper classes don’t want. In any case, formed a situation of acute ambivalence and conflict.

Tops is a sensible, adult part of women. If a woman is already a mother, this part it is especially pronounced. I would call this part of the old woman, I like this word, but I’m afraid that for many women in the midlife crisis, this word will trigger, so let’s call it just… Hecate. Moreover, it is. Hecate is the parent figure, mother, she’s a dark witch, she’s jealous older girlfriend, sometimes with ill-concealed male manners, but overall, it’s the principle of the protection and control. To obey the Hecate completely impossible, it could ruin: to strangle in his arms and eat. Only let us not confuse the phase of Hecate, which comes with age (and then Hecate may be harmonious), and internal Hecate women in the phase of Diana, when this inner Hecate must be in balance with Selena, for balance. If at this time to completely give in to the Hecate, she dried and turn a woman into a mummy. Continue reading

How to determine is it love or infatuation?

How to determine is it love or infatuation?So you want to be loved! Without love life can be well-fed and cheerful, fun and happy, but while the person is alive, the heart still asks love. And when asking the heart and head off, confusion reigns: what are we talking about love or romance?

I love and love many common features and characteristics. To the beloved pulls him want to cuddle up, it is pursued in thought, when attention is attracted by a magnet to him. all true, but this feeling may not yet be love, and only love. How can we tell? How to determine is it love or infatuation?

If you want to understand, is it love or the love of ANOTHER PERSON TO YOU – you will most likely love. If you care more about, is it true YOU love and not just infatuation is a strong possibility that you are on the road of love. Continue reading

Hormones of love

Hormones of loveIn the CE of what the hormones are regulated the three most important phases of love — lust, attraction and attachment. What you need to do in order to fall in love?

How long does it take to fall in love?

Experts believe that our brain takes from 90 seconds to 4 minutes to fall in love (1). The key factor of attractiveness are signals of the body (55%), followed by the tone and pace of voice (38%), whereas the directly spoken word of least importance (7%).

Dr. Helen Fisher (Helen Fisher) from the University of Rutgers University . USA, identified three phases of love: lust (“lust”), attraction (“attraction”) and attachment (“attachment”) (2). Each of these phases is characterized by specific hormones produced by the body.

Phase 1: Lust Continue reading

Love as self-hypnosis

Love as self-hypnosisLove virtually is an easy self-hypnosis. All thoughts and therefore all energy is directed on the subject of love. There is a strong resonance and great condition. Everything that hinders this process is disabled. Therefore the lovers do not perceive any flaws in their partners. And that’s fine. Love lasts a relatively short time. Eventually it may grow into love or end in frustration, resentment, hatred, apathy.

we Can say that fall in love with our different subpersonalities:

In red – it will be a stormy passion that sweeps away everything in its path.

Orange – sweet dizziness, bliss, dissolving in each other.

The yellow – Jinks, activity, desire to move mountains for your loved ones. Continue reading